Golden gate guesthouse is a friendly customer oriented facility located at the heart of Durbar Square. It is one of the first hotels that was originated in the year 1988 and have been functioning persistently devoting best customer service and preservation of cultural heritage. This warm welcoming facility has been consistent with its ownership and is maintained by the local resident of Bhaktapur to assure the experience of the diverse ethnic groups and culture that is profound in this locality.

One can enjoy different range of mountains, pagoda style temple and local life style from the room itself, which ensures lifetime experience that can be attained while their stay in Bhaktapur. The experience in Bhaktapur is incomplete without visiting this hotel as the hotel’s name is obtained from the famous Golden Gate that stands in the Durbar Square area. It stands as the gateway to the famous fifty five-window palace which was once ruled by the Malla Dynasty in the fifteenth century.
Bhaktapur is swarmed by Newars, The one of the very self-sufficient ethnic groups in the history of Nepal.

Golden Gate Guest House is fully devoted to accommodate guests with family friendly hospitality. As travelers could sometime feel being out of place in certain modes of their travel, for e.g. the honks from the busy city, or from the agitating sales on the street, and from the dusty smoky highways, which can be very discomforting. We are here to provide our guests with a peaceful stay while they can rejuvenate themselves in our peaceful location observing the Himalayan range on the north of the building and also the masterpiece work from the 15th century that surrounds the hotel. 

The hotel is fully eco- friendly from the power supply to the water heating system that is fully sustained by the Solar Power. We believe in health, spirituality and peace of mind over the developing aspect of the human race that concludes the advancement of technology and blind our relationship with natural environment.